Meet Mike Zhao

Yukong Mike Zhao is a nationally recognized Asian American community leader, former Director of Global Planning at Siemens Energy, and a Chinese American author who cares deeply about America. With rich and inspirational life experiences, proven problem-solving abilities, and outstanding leadership skills, he is devoted to serving the public and to protecting the American Dream for you!  

Mike grew up in communist China where citizens did not have the basic freedom to pursue their dreams. His father was politically persecuted during China’s Cultural Revolution, which led to extreme poverty, a broken family, and devastating personal loss.        

In 1992, Mike legally immigrated to the United States to pursue his American Dream. After receiving an International MBA degree from the University of South Carolina, he moved to Orlando, and joined Westinghouse/Siemens Energy. During his private sector career, Mike demonstrated outstanding strategic management expertise, and led numerous mission-critical corporate strategy development projects for American and global markets. 

After learning about how illegal racial balancing undermines meritocracy, jeopardizing the promise of the American Dream, Mike stepped in to lead the Asian American community against anti-Asian discrimination in education and fight for other conservative causes.

Alarmed by the extreme left, which wants to introduce socialism and use censorship, cancel culture, and racial division to tear down America, Mike felt a calling to serve in public office. As state representative, he will support Governor DeSantis’ efforts to protect Floridians’ political and economic freedom. He will bring smart, constitutional solutions to help you and your children achieve the American Dream!

Mike Zhao and his wife Wendy Li have lived in Orlando since 1996. They have two children who have recently started their careers as a software engineer and a financial analyst respectively. Mike loves history, travel and cooking delicious Chinese food.