Conservative Record

As a nationally recognized leader of the Asian American community and a survivor of communist China’s Cultural Revolution, Mike has a proven record of fighting for conservative causes and standing against the extreme left. 

Conservative Champion

Recently, Mike teamed up with other patriotic legal immigrants to advocate for conservative policies and candidates.

  • Joined the fight against the Critical Race Theory, defeating the Biden Administration’s attempt to use federal funding to indoctrinate our children nationally
  • Campaigned for President Trump during 2020 presidential election 
  • Supported Republican candidates during the Georgia runoff elections 
  • Wrote and published many articles to fight against socialism, political correctness, cancel culture and other radical liberal agenda

AACE Advocacy

After learning about how illegal racial balancing undermines the promise of the American Dream, Mike helped initiate the historical fight against liberal anti-Asian admission policies in colleges across the nation. As the co-founder and President of the Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE), Mike successfully built AACE into the most influential Asian American organization on education in the U.S. 

  • Advocate meritocracy and equal education rights for ALL Americans
  • Built an alliance of more than 340 organizations nationwide within 7 years
  • Obtained strong support from the Trump Administration 
  • Successfully advocated for the federal adoption of AACE policy recommendation on college admissions 
  • United Asian American communities nationwide, filed civil-rights complaints that triggered the federal investigation of Harvard University and Yale University on their admission discrimination against Asian and white applicants